Why I Represent Fathers


I Fought The Same Battles That My Clients Face

There is a lot of career advice that follows the general theme of following your passion and letting everything else fall into place. I am Brian Turner and I have practiced law in Texas since 1991. I currently practice in Bryan, working on everything from contract disputes and business litigation, to real estate disputes and defamation cases.

In 2009, my practice shifted dramatically after I went through an acrimonious post-divorce proceeding in which there were numerous false accusations against me, and my rights as a father were challenged at every turn. I emerged from that ordeal with positive results because I stood up for what I knew was right — for what I was passionate about and it’s why I represent fathers. It was then that I decided to commit my entire practice to representing fathers in family law matters.

I know from personal experience what an uphill battle it can be for fathers to preserve their parental rights. In my law practice, I have seen the legal rights of fathers to maintain a substantial role in their child’s life be diminished and then restored after standing up for what was right.

Protecting Your Rights Doesn’t Have To Be Contentious

The term “fathers’ rights lawyer” instantly puts some people in an aggressive mindset. I want to emphasize that protecting your rights as a dad does not automatically mean the legal process will be combative. The nature of any family law matter depends in large part on the attitude the two parties involved bring to the process.

I encourage my clients to do everything they can to reach agreement on issues outside of court, primarily because they will save themselves a significant amount in legal fees and retain more control over the outcome than if they choose to litigate. However, I realize that not every case can be resolved amicably. When a fair agreement is not offered, whether it involves parenting rights, child supportproperty division or any other family law issue, I am prepared and very capable of advocating for my clients in court.

Let’s Discuss Your Concerns

I invite you to call me to discuss your concerns about an impending divorce or other family law matter. I offer a one-hour, $100 consultation in my office in which I can review the facts of your situation, answer your questions and provide a candid assessment of what you might expect going forward. Use the attorney contact form on this website to schedule a meeting. We assist clients throughout Brazos County.

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