Work With A Lawyer Who Survived His Own Challenging Post-Divorce

Texas courts prefer to keep both parents actively involved in their minor child’s life following divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship. In some cases, however, a parent’s actions may cause enough concern about a child’s well-being if left under that parent’s care that the court will limit the parent’s possession rights or deny access to the child altogether.

Fathers frequently face false or misleading accusations of abuse or neglect by spouses or a child’s other parent. The accuser may be attempting to gain the upper hand in a custody dispute or simply wants to impart retribution. If you are in this situation, contact the Law Office of Brian Turner in Bryan immediately. Swift and certain action is important for you to retain your parental rights and prevent you from having to complete counseling or other court-ordered courses.

Seeking Limited Access For Your Child’s Other Parent

On the other hand, if you have reason to be concerned about your child’s welfare when the child is under the care of his or her mother, I will act immediately to petition the court for supervised child visitation or other restrictions.

A court may restrict access by a parent if there is evidence of:

  • Violence
  • Emotional harm
  • Mental illness
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abandonment

How Courts Limit Parental Access

If a court finds that the parent threatens the child’s physical, mental or emotional well-being, a judge may order shorter visits, no overnight visits, restrictions on where the parent can take a child or visits supervised by a third party. A parent may be ordered to complete substance abuse treatment or anger management courses in order to be allowed unsupervised visits with a child.

If a parent does not follow court orders regarding access to a child, the court may terminate that parent’s rights completely.

Make The Call ASAP

Whether you need to respond to accusations made by your child’s mother or you wish to pursue court orders limiting the mother’s access to your child, it is critical to enlist the services of an experienced family law attorney like me, who can develop a strong case on your behalf. Please use my online contact form to schedule a consultation. I will review the facts of your situation and provide a candid assessment of what you might expect as an outcome.

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