Divorce Issues


Divorce is rarely easy, whether you are dealing with it for the first time or you have been through it before. There are important questions that must be addressed immediately and many more issues that must be worked through in the next several months.At the Law Office of Brian Turner, in Bryan, I began focusing my practice on representing men in divorce in 2009 after experiencing a particularly challenging divorce of my own. Through much of that ordeal, I felt like I was on my own, figuring out my options on my own and trying to emerge unscathed. I was extremely nervous about retaining my rights as a father and landing on my feet financially.

A Divorced Father Helping Other Fathers

I understand the concerns that men have when divorce is imminent, particularly regarding their relationship with young children. I am a father who has been through divorce himself. I have battled in court with my ex-wife for parental rights and other matters. I have seen firsthand how the odds can seem stacked against the father’s rights in common divorce issues such as alimony and custody, and I have the insight and the knowledge of Texas statutes to fight back.

My background also includes a great deal of business litigation experience. This familiarity with the courts and procedure has proven valuable in terms of handling divorces that include family-owned businesses and other complex assets. I am a lawyer who is able to move quickly and aggressively, perfectly willing to go to trial in order to meet the needs of my clients when a fair agreement cannot be reached otherwise.

A Brazos County Attorney Who Puts Your Needs First

In the world of financial consulting, there is something known as “fiduciary duty.” It means that, by law, a broker or financial adviser must put the client’s best interests ahead of his own. That seems like it would be a given, but it is not.

Similarly, it cannot be presumed that every attorney always acts in his or her client’s best interest. For example, a divorce attorney may steer a dispute toward litigation rather than working to resolve it outside of court in order to increase legal fees. A personal injury attorney may do the opposite, accepting an insurance company’s low offer in order to collect his percentage of the agreement and move on to the next case rather than spend time in court arguing for a more fair amount.

Rest assured I am an attorney who will act in your best interests. I emphasize clear communication, I will take the time to explain every option to you, and I will never back down from going to court when a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation.

Start Your Solution With A Consultation

I welcome the opportunity to review your situation during a consultation and recommend an effective course of action. Use my online contact form to schedule a meeting.

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